Skills Transfer and Training

Training and Skills Development -(Craft Enterprise Program)

The SLIF program was developed to equip unemployed and disadvantaged youth with formerly scarce and critical skills they require to enable them to find employment or to start their craft enterprise business, focusing on youth, people with disabilities, and women.
We are formed to address the life situation facing young South Africans. SLIF aims are to develop and promote the creativity of South Africans through skills transfer in craft enterprise programs, sustain the organisation for future generations, as we are involved in programmes that will empower and integrate unaccredited artists/crafter to up skill their knowledge and be part of the norms and standard as per South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) by applying a policy of RPL. Also innovate the arts and craft industry way of doing business in an innovative and engaged community.


Capacity Building and Adversary -(Workshops for Farmworkers and their Communities)

Over the past 7 years of our 20 years in existence, we have provided exceptional “know your rights, use them or lose them” – Labour Relations and Development training and related interventions for farmworkers and their communities man and women who are less privileged. SLIF also offers capacity development workshops and advisory in labour laws such as the Employment Equity Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Relations Act, Unemployment Insurance Ac, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Skills Development ACT and provide advisory services for labour matters and Skills Development Committees.
To empower farm workers and communities to transform and mainstream their labour market through training and support. The programme is designed to equip farmworkers and their communities with knowledge and skills sets that will advance the purpose and intentions of South Africa’s labour reform laws through the following

Training workshops objectives:
1. Identify and demonstrate understanding of the application of the BCEA
2. Identify and demonstrate understanding of the application of the Labour Relations Act
3. Identify and demonstrate understanding of the application of the Employment Equity Act
4. Identify and demonstrate understanding of the application of the Unemployment Insurance Fund Act
5. Demonstrate understanding of ‘Know my laws handbook’.
6. Establish labour laws and affirmative action support network and community/worker champions
Enterprise Development (New Feature Creation-Entrepreneurial Programme)
The SLIF NFC is to achieve tangible knowledge from the experience of creating a new venture. Develop skills in entrepreneurship, management consulting and business development. Identify relevant tools in management, strategy, marketing and impotence of finance to build viable and sustainable business models.
The elective equips potential entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurial skillset, opportunistic networking and fosters innovation and new business start-ups. This training is aimed at all would-be entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in business development processes.

Skills -Transfer and Training

The programme is designed as a live case environment, where the cases being analysed are the actual, real-time experiences of potential entrepreneurs going through the entrepreneurial process of starting a business. To facilitate the development of ventures, the programme embarks on both a theoretical framework and business development guidance to support and raise the prospects of success. Hence, the fundamental components from venturing a business will be taught, but more importantly, you will gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship.


The qualifying entrepreneur will be able to:

• Identify, gather and analyse the relevant information needed to compile a business plan,
• Formulate an ethical framework for the operational plans of a new venture,
• Establish and prioritise business, financial and/or operational goals and objectives for a new venture,
• Design and present business, financial and/or marketing plans based on a budget for a new venture,