“Our desire for change makes things happen”

The stories we tell it is not about SLIF : it’s about the stories of the social-economic programmes and projects we’ve assisted along the way. The individuals and initiatives we support, develop and assist, inspire our human spirit “UBUNTU”. Their stories drive us to find sustainable solutions and create catalytic networks that keep their ambitions alive. We are not the heroes of our stories. The real heroes are the individuals helped through the goodwill of institutions that continually inspire the social change and socio-economic development our country deserves.

Siyavuka Lateral Improvement Foundation Meaning:

The name Siyavukarefers to the need for us to waken up the individuals, then start thinking and acting Lateral, in order to approach problems and situations from various angles in an attempt to find solutions, and of course with the aim of Inproving the life situations of young people in South Africa. The Foundation for them to realise their dreams.

SLIF Background:

SLIF was established in December 1999 by three FUBA Arts Academy graduates Lentswe Mathole, Sam Makhubo and Gideon Cube. SLIF was formed to address the perceived problems of founding members, i.e. the fact that no outlet for their talents could immediately be found in a manner that would simultaneously ensure a livelihood for participation in the undertaking.

Our Role Is To:

SLIF has 3 layers of M&E: their internal monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects, external evaluations of programmes and projects (mandated by SLIF Adversary Board of Directors) and external evaluations of SLIF as a whole (mandated either by management committees or by the Executive Detector).

The SLIF Culture:  to clearly defined basic values, toward which it orients its actions and has an intact working climate that is conducive to the delivery of its services and products guided by its constitution and policies (Quality Management Systems) and eternal quality assurance verifier.